Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bedroom Sneak Peek & Fridge Makeover

Today is a day of getting stuff done - I'll be helping my sister Shannon move into and set up her new apartment. I will, of course, share all the photos of that project right here. I'll also be doing some much needed cleaning around here to get ready for having a small party in honour of the opening night Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game tonight. And Benjamin is still not sleeping through the night, so it all started early this morning. 

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that I had the bird fabric in my bedroom. I haven't showed you much of it (just our awesome plastic chandelier) but thought I'd give you a tiny peek. 
We also changed out the pulls on our desk drawers that we use as nightstands until we can afford something better. I think it makes them less "officey." 
Once the room is a little more pulled together, I'll show you the whole thing. Can't wait!
Here's a glance at the chandelier, a plastic Home Depot cheapie that, to me, totally doesn't look fake.
I'm off to go tackle my to-do list. With Canadian Thanksgiving happening this weekend, I'm a busy gal. 

Oh, and speaking of food (well, Thanksgiving...same thing really) look at the cleaning I got up to. Yep, that's our fridge. We all like a before and after, so here you go.
Now, condiments are grouped by type in the door (we apparently use a million types of mustard), booze on the bottom shelf, salad stuff and breastmilk and whatnot on the next shelf, and then dips/drinks/snacks on the top. Not the most impressive looking makeover, but trust me - it is a huge change. 
We don't usually have this much booze. Then again, maybe we do....

Have a great day!

I'll be back tomorrow with lots and lots of Thanksgiving ideas - come on by :)



  1. I am already in love with the blue and white pillow in your sneak peek. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

  2. Love that chandy! I wish my fridge was stocked w/ goodies like yours!

  3. Hey, I know that fridge (the before shot) I have the same situation! Thanks for the push cause I'm in the same boat! Happy Thanksgiving weekend from one Canadian to another!
    PS...rock that chandy girl! It looks great!

  4. Ive been swooning over this bird fabric for a while now...I wanted to paint a canvas with it...? I love clean a fridge! Happy Thanksgiving ...xo

  5. Hi, I found my way here from the feature on Just a Girl. I guessed by the name of your blog that you might be local to GTA. I have a link to Canadian bloggers on my sidebar and will add yours. I'm following too.

  6. Love your new chandelier! It's gorgeous! I also love the bottom shelf of your refrig. I will be right over for a few drinks. ;)
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving in Canada!


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