Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nursery Progress - Wood Floors and Painted Walls

  Hi there!

Earlier this week, I showed you our nursery-to-be (here). The room still has a loooong way to go before it is baby ready, but I'm excited to share a little bit of progress. Painted walls and new floors! Yay! 
Slowly but surely, we are turning the new house into our very own home.
Unfortunately, I am between cameras at the moment (as in, I don't have a camera right now. It's the worst). So these are just teaser pics taken on my iPhone. Sorry about the quality/lighting. 
Let's look at how that happened. 
First, here is the "before" shot from the day we took possession. I immediately got rid of the black curtain, which was matted with cat hair -- ick. 
Next, the day after moving in (literally) we had a team of pros come to remove the old flooring. We knew from our home inspection and follow-up testing that the old tiles under the carpet in this room contained asbestos. We don't fool around with stuff like that so we had the pros with all the crazy gear come and dispose of everything safely. We got quotes from a few company and went with one that our realtor recommended. The room then looked like this:
I have no photos of the removal or disposal, as I am pregnant and scared of asbestos and thus stayed far away from my house that day. (They also removed asbestos ceiling tiles from the basement storage room. More on that space another day -- that room has been a roller coaster ride). 

Here is a close up of how the floors looked. Nails galore. 
But at least it was all clean and safe, weird wires aside.
It is hard to tell in the photos, but there were lots of newspaper articles and ads from 1950-1952 imprinted onto the subfloor boards. I oddly love stuff like that. You can also see remnants of the tiles from before the asbestos tiles. There were layer upon layer of tiles in this house. Here's the best shot I had on my iPhone. 
Next, we had a flooring installer come and pop down some new flooring. Like magic, the room was totally transformed! This could obviously be a DIY job for lots of folks, but because of our time constraints and inexperience and a million other life obligations and whatnot, we went with the pros after we realized it wouldn't cost a ton and are really glad we did. It took them almost no time and all those nails were no biggie for them. 

We used the same flooring upstairs in the kids' rooms as we are putting throughout the whole basement. We like consistency in a small house, it flows nicely. You can see how it looks so far in the playroom here. Will share more of the other rooms as we finish 'em!

Next, the walls were primed and then given two coats of Benjamin Moore's Cloud White. 
[We still have to paint the trim (we've chosen Benjamin Moore's Dune White)].
Still lots on the to do list but we have made some big improvements to the space.
One more look at our progress pic. Much better, right?
More progress shots coming very soon. Can't wait to show you the accent colour (we painted the inside of the closet and the bookcase with a pop of fun colour) and the light we chose. 

Jenny xo


  1. Holy smokes! That is already a huge transformation. Great room for a baby too!

  2. Whew! You guys have lots on your plate right now. The nursery is looking fabulous. Love those floors!

  3. Lovely transformation! I love those floors. Gorgeous!

  4. hi, jenny! thanks for the sweet words on my blog! and WOW do those floors look amazing. this room is going to be beautiful!


  5. Jenny, the floor are stunning! I just love the architecture of the room and the newspaper stained floors. That is just too cool. Being in the military and moving every 4 years, we've always opted for a new home just so that we could enjoy living in it all fixed up and not spend time rennovating it just to move a year or so later. But someday I think I'd love to do rennovations on a place and find hidden treasures or fun glimpses into a previous decade. What a fun home you have!


  6. Great looking floors. What a fun room for a nursery - love the ceiling. I hope you'll drop by to see My Daughter's Master Bath Redo - #83 at Met Monday. Like you, she is making a house she purchased 4 years ago her own. One room is now a nursery too!


  7. what did you do with the floor to achieve that lovely shine?
    Renovation is ahead of me.... I'm planning with my husband to extend our house this year so I'm trying to get an idea what I really want to do.
    Well done. The floor looks great.


  8. I LOVE that flooring! It has so much character. I bet you are going to have lots of fun working away at the rest of the nursery.

  9. Loving the flooring, me and my wife are also planning to replace our kitchen flooring, will definitely share this post with her.

  10. I was so interested to read about your floors! They are beautiful and what a transformation! Great job.
    We are looking into redoing floors, replacing the carpet we put in 19 years ago and such....
    thanks for sharing.

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  13. Seriously, it was a quick job. You wouldn’t even recognize the ‘before’ and ’after’ as one place anymore. That’s how lovely your choice of wood floor is! And I hope it wouldn’t go dull in the years to come. Be diligent with the cleaning. ;) -->Chuditch


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