Friday, August 16, 2013

Free Personalized Kids' Name Art (in $1 frames)

This project cost $0. And I love it.  
Let me show you....
Our new house has a funny layout, with two bedrooms on the main floor and two upstairs. We made the upper floor a kids' floor. You can see Ben's room here and the still-a-work-in-progress nursery for Violet here. 

On the little landing at the top of the stairs, I just added some super easy free art. 

You might remember these prints from when I blogged about a bunch of free, downloadable kids' art pieces here. I printed up 8x10s and popped them in some very old dollar store frames.

The frames have made several appearances on the blog. We first bought them 5.5 years ago and sprayed them gold for our wedding guest book table display, which featured wedding pics of almost all of our married wedding guests (which was a total surprise to the guests, and still one of my favourite things from our wedding). You can see the frames in the back row, sort of in the centre, in the shot below.
Later the frames were spray painted white and hung in a gallery fashion in our old condo kitchen, seen here. (The frames are top left and bottom right in this picture).

They are getting a new life yet again. Who would have thought these cheap frames would live so many lives!
If you would like your own free personalized name art, visit On To Baby. You can customize in lots of colours and add any name you like. 

Jenny xo


  1. price (not so much) and style (super cute) really have no correlation ... you made the combo of recycled low cost frames and personalized typography sing ... I'm going to get a trio of prints, B is for Beaver in my house, R & D. :) Robin

  2. The framed typography prints turned out super cute. This is a great inexpensive idea. I need to do more things like this!

  3. Great idea! All the arts are looking looking awesome!

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